A matter of trust.

Breast cancer early diagnosis / Breast diagnostics

For our patients, breast cancer early diagnosis has a very unique, very high priority. It is a matter of trust.

Mammography (best: all-digital low-dose) is the most important radiological examination of the breast. It is performed when there is suspicion of a change (signs of breast cancer), and your medical specialist recommends mammography.

Worldwide, the following guidelines are recognized:

  • every 1 to 2 years in age between 40 and 49 years

  • annually from the 50th year of life

  • annually from the 35th year of life for patients at risk (breast cancer in the family)

Our standard for an accurate breast diagnostic includes (in addition to mammography):

  • anamnesis of the patient

  • palpation and usually

  • ultrasound examination, sometimes

  • special studies of mammography.

If we don't achieve a sufficient diagnostic certainty with the exams above, we can offer a MRI scan of the breast with a specially optimized MRI coil in our practice as well.

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