Latest technology eliminates up to 87% of the X-rays

Microdose Multislice Computed Tomography (CT) with iterative reconstruction

The Computed Tomography is an X-ray diagnostic method for producing precice cross-sectional images of the body. Our most recent microdose multislice computed tomography (multi-slice = multi-layer) optimizes the combination of the best possible image quality and minimal x-ray dose.

Personalized examination procedures, which are responsive to the individual size, weight, and the anatomy of a patient, allow dose savings of up to 68%.

Computed Tomography: dose savings by personalized investigation procedures

Our computed tomography also has the so-called "iterative reconstruction" method. These highly innovative software algorithms help - depending on the examined organ area - to avoid up to additional 60% of the remaining dose again.

Computed Tomography: reducing dose by iterative reconstruction

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