For smokers with certain symptoms

Lung Cancer Early Diagnosis
Smokers' Checkup

Lung Cancer Early Diagnosis / Smokers' Checkup

The Smokers' Check-up is aimed at patients, whose risk of lung cancer is increased and who have some symptoms.

The greatest risk factor is cigarette smoke, which can increase the risk to the 20-30-fold of the risk of a nonsmoker, depending on the number of cigarettes per day.
Even in the workplace, you may be jeopardized by substances such as asbestos, arsenic, chromium, nickel, aromatic hydrocarbons and radon.
If lung cancer already occurred in your family, this increases your corresponding genetic disease risk by two-to-threefold.

Symptoms may be:

A newly installed cough or worsening of a chronic cough; sputum with or without admixture of blood, pain, fever, difficulty in breathing, fatigue or weight loss.

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