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Lung Cancer:
Frequency, causes, risk factors

Lung cancer or bronchial carcinoma, starts from the cells lining the airways in the lungs. Lung cancer as malignant tumor is the leading cause of death worldwide - in most industrialized countries and also in Germany.

in Germany this cancer is the man's most common cancer. In women, it ranks fifth. Since the mid-eighties, the number of new cases per 100,000 population in men decreases slightly. In women, however, it increases especially in the western provinces steadily at around 3% per year. From about the age of forty the risk of disease increases with age. The risk also correlates directly with tobacco consumption.

Lung Cancer: Smoking woman

If lung cancer already occurred in your family, the smokers' Checkup is an even more urgent recommendation. Corresponding genetic traits increase the risk of illness by two-to-threefold.

A comprehensive study of 26,000 lung cancer patients showed that 14% of them had at least one first-degree relative, who was also suffering from lung cancer.

Lung Cancer: Woman with cigar

It is assumed that many different disease influences are jointly involved. How this is done exactly is not yet precisely known. However, it could be uncovered a number of factors that increase the personal risk of developing lung cancer (risk factors).

Primarily these are harmful substances that enter into the lungs together with the breathing air. Many such substances are known today. The most important risk factor by far is cigarette smoke, which alone contains over 100 harmful substances.

Lung Cancer: cigarette smoke

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