For smokers with certain symptoms

Lung Cancer: Prevention

The most substantial, and in the same time avoidable risk factors for lung cancer are, in contrast to most other malignant diseases, very well known. Corresponding changes in behavior in the private sphere and protection measures in the industrial sector can reduce the personal probability of disease dramatically.

With the beginning of not smoking, the relative risk of a former heavy smoker falls compared to a non-smoker from 15x to 5x after 10 years of non-smoking, and to 2x after 15 years of non-smoking.

Stop smoking

In women, the risk reduction seems to be faster. Since the type of diet has an influence on the risk of disease, it is also worth thinking about an enrichment of the diet. This can be, for example, gradually completed, where the food is increasingly enriched with fruits and vegetables.

Signs of lung cancer

During their growth lung tumors initially cause rarely complaints. Therefore, very small bronchial carcinomas are almost always discovered only by chance, eg by X-ray examinations of other occasion. A newly installed cough or worsening of a chronic cough are the most common complaints that lead to the doctor's visit. Frequent complaints are sputum with or without admixture of blood, pain, fever, difficulty of breathing, fatigue or weight loss. Unfortunately the symptoms are often enough so ambiguous that they indicate, particularly in heavy smokers, at first sight a chronic lung inflammation.

Early Diagnosis /
Smokers's Checkup/ Appointment

Despite significant advances in the treatment of lung cancer by surgery, radiation and chemotherapy its prognosis is still extremely unfavorable: The overall five-year survival is less than 15%. However, the chance of survival in the vast majority of forms (non-small cell tumors) is at least 4 times as large, if they are detected at an early stage. Often these tumors are still to be removed and therefore curable. But only about 20 - 25% of lung tumors in early stages stand out with complaints and are discovered by them.

Recent studies clearly demonstrate the high value of lung cancer screening, particularly for the risk group of heavy smokers.

With the new technology used in our practice, we may discover lung tumors already with a diameter of a few millimeters. They can thus be treated much earlier and gentler.Large studies with low-dose CT scans found at 1000 asymptomatic smokers 27 lung tumors (= 2.7%!), all of which could be surgically removed - 85% of them with a 95% chance of cure.

So, if relevant risk factors or symptoms exist for you, you should discuss with your doctor whether a smoker's checkup would be useful for you.

Mikrodosis-Multislice-Computed Tomography

For this kind of examination the Radiology Dr. Roedel is equipped with an advanced micro-dose multislice computed tomography, combining the highest diagnostic accuracy with the lowest possible X-ray dose. This is made possible through personalized exams (up to 68% dose reduction) and highly innovative software algorithms, the so-called iterative reconstruction (again reduction of up to 60% of the remaining dose, see also article "CT"). Combined we achieve a dose reduction of up to 87%.