Early diagnosis improves quality of life.

Prostate Cancer Early Diagnosis


The multi-parametric magnetic resonance imaging of the prostate is a valuable addition to the urological check-ups (like palpation, PSA, transrectal ultrasound or biopsy).

This is especially true in the cases:

  • ambiguous results after urological checkups
  • very small or hidden, in no other screening noticeable prostate tumors

By the combination of morphological*, functional, as well as biochemical characteristics, the multi-parametric magnetic resonance imaging of the prostate increases the accuracy of prostate cancer screening up to 91%. And it also provides an accurate localization.

It is a non-invasive, radiation-free, low-impact examination.

The early detection of prostate carcinoma and the most accurate analysis of tumor aggressiveness is the only chance of cure and on preservation of the function, especially the ability to achieve orgasm. It also avoids complications due to individual adjustment of the therapy.

*Morphology = shape, form, structure

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